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Personal Images
When asked what items would be taken if they had to leave their home in an emergency, most people respond "family photos." From people to special events to pets, our canvas rendering will be treasured for years to come!

Commemorative, Memorial, Corporate Images
We are experts at developing that perfect piece for any occasion. Present a canvas image to a retiring employee or board member. That historic building or church preserved on canvas is ideal for the history buff in your family. The possibilities are endless!

Landmarks, Business Gifts
Do you have an image of a landmark that represents a once-in-a-lifetime trip? Maybe you are a real estate agent looking for something unique and personal to present as a "welcome to your new home" gift? Whatever the case, we can create a custom canvas piece that will be a fabulous addition to either home or office!

Vintage Images
With modern technology, vintage images can be restored. Damaged, faded and torn original photos are repaired before being printed on canvas. Restore an original wedding picture for the special 50th anniversary couple. Or, create that sense of tradition in your home with a beautiful canvas rendering of an old, old family photo. What a perfect gift!

Special Moments Canvas Images


Happy Holidays to you and your family. Also my Brother in Law Jack saw the picture you did of Ruthie and her boys, he is going to send a picture to me to have done or do the same as we did and use the same picture....will let you know. They all loved it, also I did that just in time, we took it to her as an early Christmas Present, I think it was in Oct, good thing as she now has Hospice coming in and is shutting down, It doesnt look good for her so I am happy she had some time to look at her "BOYS"...cant tell you how much that meant to my husband. Also my little doggie isnt doing well over 16 now and has many issues, so that is another thing I am glad I did that picture of Junga...Thank you for helping to keep all those memories alive for us....

My New Years Toast to you..."Jackie Swanson the Memorie Keeper"....thank you... from The Brickman's

and I love my picture we picked up Jim is going all over where to hang it...Once again well done Just a Moment..



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