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Personal Images
When asked what items would be taken if they had to leave their home in an emergency, most people respond "family photos." From people to special events to pets, our canvas rendering will be treasured for years to come!

Commemorative, Memorial, Corporate Images
We are experts at developing that perfect piece for any occasion. Present a canvas image to a retiring employee or board member. That historic building or church preserved on canvas is ideal for the history buff in your family. The possibilities are endless!

Landmarks, Business Gifts
Do you have an image of a landmark that represents a once-in-a-lifetime trip? Maybe you are a real estate agent looking for something unique and personal to present as a "welcome to your new home" gift? Whatever the case, we can create a custom canvas piece that will be a fabulous addition to either home or office!

Vintage Images
With modern technology, vintage images can be restored. Damaged, faded and torn original photos are repaired before being printed on canvas. Restore an original wedding picture for the special 50th anniversary couple. Or, create that sense of tradition in your home with a beautiful canvas rendering of an old, old family photo. What a perfect gift!

Collage Canvas Images


Retirement Gift

While planning a recent retirement party for one of our employees that has worked for our company for 42 years, I was trying to come up with a special gift to give him. It was hard to come up with gift for someone who has everything. Does he need another watch? Does he really need an engraved pocketknife? Those are our "typical" retirement gifts. I wanted something different. Something that would have special meaning that he could look at and reflect on those 42 years of service with pride. That's when I thought of "Just a Moment Canvas Images". I looked through our archives of photos at work and had a vision of what I had in mind. Our company has grown from one tiny little building to several large buildings. It is a company that is owned by the Murphy family (from the Murphy Oil Soap business) and they are on their 3rd generation of Murphy's to run the company. The experts at "Just a Moment Canvas Images" helped me make the perfect collage. The end result was a gift that will last a lifetime. During the luncheon that we had to present Frank with the gift, the Murphy family reflected on all of the changes that has taken place in the 42 years of service that he proudly gave to the company. The canvas collage was just the unique type of gift that I was looking for and it was apparent that it meant so much to him when he opened it. Thank you to "Just a Moment Canvas Images" for helping me create that special "moment".

Roblyn Jericho
Customer Service Representative
ChemMasters, Incorporated


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